Replacement Cartridge for Scaltrol SC-100 and HSC-100

The RSC-100 is the the refill cartridge for the SC-100 and HSC-100 Scaltrol units.


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The RSC-100 is the the refill cartridge* for the SC-100 and HSC-100 Scaltrol units. Simply use the wrench to unscrew the housing, pull out the old cartridge and drop in the new and you are done! You can tell when a cartridge is nearing the end as the white area will gradually get closer to the bottom. When you have about 1/2″ left, is a good time to order the refill so you have it available.

*Cartridges are considered consumables and are not covered under warranties.

Energy Savings

A layer of scale 1/4″ on a heating element will decrease the efficiency and will subsequently increase your energy bills by up to 40%. Scaltrol stops mineral scale by introducing a measured amount of sequestrant into the water. The mineral molecules, which have a positive charge, are attracted to and held in suspension by the negative charge of the sequestrant. The mineral molecules are unable to join together, so scale is unable to form.

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Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 15.8 × 5.9 × 5 in



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