Amerizorb Throw & Go Spill Clean Up

Amerizorb’s Throw & Go™ is the ultimate organic clean-up tool. 

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Amerizorb’s Throw & Go™ is the ultimate organic clean-up tool. Throw & Go™ contains pumice to provide traction on slick spill surfaces and is effective in accident scene contamination spills. To use, simply sprinkle on the affected areas, allow to absorb the spill, sweep up and properly dispose of used absorbent.

There are three kinds of Throw & Go™:

  1. Professional – Popular amongst fire departments and municipalities for its ability to clean up water-based and hydrocarbon spills.
  2. Environmental – This product is mostly used by parks and recreation public works departments for clean-up spills and contaminants on the ground or near water.
  3. Super Absorbent – This absorbent is designed specifically for shop floors, garages and warehouses to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Benefits of Throw & Go™

  • Absorbs instantly and holds spills firmly
  • Acts as a fire retardant and vapor suppressant
  • Contains abrasive for traction at accident scenes, reducing slips
  • Lays down easily in all weather conditions
  • User friendly, no harmful chemicals
  • Over 2x more absorbent than kitty litter

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Environmental, Professional, Super Absorbent


Spill Clean Up


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