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Scaltrol Water Treatment System - 100,000 Gallons


Quick Overview

SC-100 Complete Assembly
SKU: SC-100


Water is known as the universal solvent. Most water supplies are usually saturated with large amounts of minerals, such as calcium carbonate (lime scale), calcium sulfate, iron and manganese, which can cause corrosion and scaling. When water is saturated with minerals, any increase in temperature or pressure drop will cause the minerals to form scale. So, water passing through a water faucet, shower head, or the heat in a water heater will change with the waters ability to hold the dissolved minerals in suspension.


The Scaltrol SC-100 assembly includes both the housing and a new Scaltrol cartridge*. The SC-100 will treat up to 100,000 gallons of water per cartridge and is well suited for larger families or higher usage applications. The SC 100 has 3/4" female connections.

*Cartridges are considered consumables and are not covered under warranties.

Energy Savings

A layer of scale 1/4" on a heating element will decrease the efficiency and will subsequently increase your energy bills by up to 40%. Scaltrol stops mineral scale by introducing a measured amount of sequestrant into the water. The mineral molecules, which have a positive charge, are attracted to and held in suspension by the negative charge of the sequestrant. The mineral molecules are unable to join together, so scale is unable to form.


Waterflow: up to 10GPM
Max Pressure Head & Sump: 55PSI
Max Temperature Head & Sump: 120°F (49°C)
Line Size: 1/2" – 3/4"
Dimensions: 4.5" wide x 12.5"

Additional Information

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