Allegro II 14 Natural Convection Heater

This Allegro heater is an electric wall heater that provides uniform heat and balanced comfort. 


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NOTE: Due to recent changes on its design, the new Allegro II is no longer compatible with the programmers. Only units with a manufacturing date of 41/18 (week # 41-2018) or previous are compatible with the Programmer.

The Convectair Allegro uses natural convection to transfer heat into the air creating a silent, gentle flow at a stable and consistent temperature. For spaces with little vertical wall space to offer, the Convectair Allegro II 14 Natural Convection Heater is ideal. It provides consistent, even-flowing heat to any room and requires less energy to function than a fan-forced heater. Unlike typical fan-forced heaters, the Allegro II 14’s use will be felt but not heard. The Allegro II 14 is programmable, which allows it to adjust the temperature when the room is unoccupied based your chosen settings.


  • The thermal sensor sits 4 inches from the ground to detect the coolest air and heat it using its cast aluminum element.
  • All Allegro II models are compatible with Convectair programmers: 7392-FP, 7392-ECP, 7392-RCP and Z000-900-02.
  • Convectair Allegro heaters come equipped with Go Box® technology, a connection box that makes units quick and easy to connect and disconnect.
  • Safety features include a smooth grill as well as a lockable, thermal-protected thermostat.
  • A backlit, ultra-precise thermostat make this unit easy to use.


  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against all defects.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on heating elements.

How to Choose Your Wattage

  • A good reference for deciding the correct wattage to effectively heat your space would be about 5 watts per square foot of coverage. The sizing chart below should help guide you to the correct unit:

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