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Marathon Titanium Lower Element 3800W


Quick Overview

SP210197 Lower Element
SKU: SP210197


The SP210197 is a titanium lower Marathon water heater element made for use in Rheem Marathon water heaters. It is rated 3800 watts. This specific Marathon water heater element can be used as upgrade or replacement for lower water heater elements in the following Rheem Marathon water heaters:

  • MR30238
  • MR40238

This element is the substitute for the discontinued Marathon SP610680 stainless steel lower element.

Element Selection

It's very important to choose the correct model number when purchasing a replacement element for your water heater. There are distinct differences between upper and lower elements as well as the type of element being purchased. Here is a brief outline of the different types of Marathon elements available:

  • Standard Copper Water Heater Elements - Standard Marathon water heater elements are made of copper and are the default for upper elements in all new Marathon water heaters. Copper elements used to be standard for lower elements in older Marathon models. To provide added protection Rheem has now moved to using titanium plated water heatter elements as lower element in Marathon water heaters.
  • Upgraded Stainless Steel Water Heater Elements - Stainless steel elements were used as lower water heater elements in Marathon water heaters from 2007-2009. Stainless steel elements provide better resistance from harsh water conditions than standard copper elements. Stainless steel water heater elements are not longer available for Marathon water heaters.
  • Premium Titanium Water Heater Elements - Titanium plated water heater elements provide the maximum protection from harsh water conditions. Titanium elements are now a factory standard in almost all of Rheem Marathon water heaters. They can be purchased and retrofited in all Marathon models.

Please be sure to use only fused elements for the upper element on all Marathon water heater models. Fused elements provide the necessary protection against dry firing a Marathon water heater.

Don't forget to purchase a Marathon SP610070 water heater element wrench with your replacement elements to provide easy installation of your new parts.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Rheem
Wattage 3800W
Upper/Lower Lower
Material Titanium
Fits Tank Size 30 - 40 gal