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Marathon 105 Gallon Heavy Duty Water Heater


Quick Overview

MHD105238 Heavy Duty Water Heater
SKU: MHD105238


Rheem's Marathon™ heavy duty water heaters are specifically designed for installation in harsh environments or where high temperature water is needed. Each heavy duty model comes equipped with factory installed titanium elements for the maximum protection against extreme water conditions and provides superior corrosion resistance. Marathon™ heavy duty water heaters are best used for:

  • Restaurants
  • Agricultural Processing
  • Applications with harsh water conditions
  • Applications requiring extreme water temperatures


  • Seamless, blow-molded, polybutene tank impervious to rust and corrosion.
  • Multiple layers of filament wound fiberglass to give tank extra strength.
  • A recessed drain valve so it's out of the way of brooms and scrubbers.
  • Tough molded polyethylene outer shell to resist against dents and scratches.
  • High temperature polysulfone dip tube.
  • All plastic tank eliminating the need for an anode rod.
  • Thermostat that delivers water consistently at 170 degrees.

Energy Savings

Marathon™ water heaters are unmatched in their energy savings. Every Marathon™ water heater uses electric immersion elements which transfer 100% of their energy into heat for the water. Marathons also significantly reduce heat loss by filling the tank shell with Polyurethane Envirofoam™ insulation. This foam traps the heat inside the tank and keeps the water hotter for longer periods of time without power cycling the elements to re-heat the water.

Standard steel tank water heaters can loose up to 30 degrees of water temperature over a 24-hour period, causing extra energy to be used to keep the water hot. Rheem's Marathon™ water heaters are designed to only loose 5 degrees of water temperature in that same period of time. Over the course of a year this can account for significant savings on electric bills.


Capacity: 105 Gallons
Element Size: 3800Watts (240 Volts)
Tank Height to Water Connection: 70 3/4 Inches
Tank Diameter: 30 1/4 Inches
Weight: 152 lbs
Standards: Meets or exceeds ANSI standard and is UL listed. 
Energy Factor: .91 

All units come complete with factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve, replaceable brass drain valve, and vacuum relief valve. The connections for cold inlet and hot outlet are 3/4 inch NTP, and should be roughed in at 5 3/4 inches on center.


Rheem's heavy duty Marathon™ water heaters all come with a 10-year tank warranty. All elements and parts are warrantied for 6 years from manufacture date against factory defects.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Rheem
Energy Source Electric
Tank Size (gal) 105
Certifications None
First Hour Rating 100+