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ShowerStart™ TSV


Quick Overview

Evolve SS-1002CP-SB


About one third of a family’s annual indoor water consumption is used in the shower, and some of that water is wasted before you ever get in. With the new Evolve™ ShowerStart™ TSV, you can multitask – brush your teeth, make your bed, start coffee – while you wait for your shower to reach that perfect temperature. Water flow is slowed when the ideal temperature is reached, and you simply pull the cord or flip the switch to resume normal flow and begin your shower.


  • Compatible with virtually all showerheads
  • Trickle/savings mode is activated when water reaches 95° F (35° C), and resets after each shower.
  • Anti-lime protection.
  • Integrated debris screen filter.
  • Easy installation: just place the adapterin between your shower head and shower arm.

Energy Savings

The ShowerStart™ technology behind this showerhead adapter monitors your water temperature and lowers the flow to a trickle when your water reaches a comfortable bathing temperature. Save up to 2,700 gallons of water per year and $75 in utility bills.* The Evolve™ ShowerStart™ TSV is backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

* Based on a family of three showering daily and saving one minute of hot water per shower. Water treatment costs calculated at $0.03 per gallon (includes waste water) at a water flow rate of 2.5 GPM (standard shower head).


Color: Polished chrome
Material: Brass construction, industry standard ½” fittings

**This ShowerStart™ device is not designed for use with tankless hot water heaters.**

Additional Information

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