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Allegro II 26 Natural Convection Heater - 2000W


Quick Overview

Allegro II 26 Natural Convection Heater - 2000W
SKU: 7317-C20-FS


The Convectair 7317-C20-FS Allegro II 26 Natural Convection Heater (2000W) uses natural convection to heat rooms more evenly and efficiently than typical wall heaters. By pulling fresh air into the bottom of the unit and warming it by its cast aluminum heating element, the Allegro II 26 will consistently heat the surrounding space from top to bottom.


  • Programmers can be purchased separately for the unit, including settings that will turn the heater on when you wake up or off when you leave the home, eliminating unnecessary heat.
  • All Allegro II models are compatible with these Convectair programmers: 7392-FP, 7392-ECP, 7392-RCP and Z000-900-02.
  • Natural convection does not use fan-forced air, making it quieter in use than other wall units.
  • A thermal sensor which sits 4 inches from the floor and a thermostat that is accurate to 1/10??C make this heater ultraprecise.
  • This model is the thinnest of the Allegro II line, making it perfect for rooms with little lateral wall space to offer.
  • Security and safety are not an issue for this heater thanks to its smooth grill and lockable, thermal-protected thermostat.
  • 2-year warranty against all manufacturing defects and 5-year warranty on heating elements.

Energy Savings

  • Unlike fan-forced heaters, natural convection heats rooms consistently and evenly rather than quickly and intensely to use less energy.
  • Central heating systems react to a lone thermostat to heat the entire home but this Convectair unit can allow each room to be custom-heated, saving money and energy.


Power: 2000 Watts
Heat Type: Natural Convection
Color: White 
Size: 26.75" H x 30.25" W x 4.75" D
Material: Steel construction with polyester/epoxy anti-rust powder coating and resistant to UV rays
Style: Wall mounted (fixed)
Weight: 19 lbs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Convectair
Type Natural Convection
Color White
Wattage 2000W