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Allegro II 14 Natural Convection Heater - 2000W


Quick Overview

Allegro II 14 - 2000W
SKU: 7315-C20-FS


For spaces with little vertical wall space to offer, the Convectair Allegro II 14 Natural Convection Heater is ideal. It provides consistent, even-flowing heat to any room and requires less energy to function than a fan-forced heater. And a backlit, ultra-precise thermostat make this unit easy to use.


  • The 7315-C20-FS’ thermal sensor sits 4 inches from the ground to detect the coolest air and heat it using its cast aluminum element.
  • All Allegro II models are compatible with these Convectair programmers: 7392-FP, 7392-ECP, 7392-RCP and Z000-900-02.
  • Convectair Allegro heaters come equipped with Go Box® technology, a connection box that makes units quick and easy to connect and disconnect.
  • Safety features include a smooth grill as well as a lockable, thermal-protected thermostat.
  • Unlike typical fan-forced heaters, the Allegro II 14’s use will be felt but not heard.
  • Special 2-year warranty from Convectair on all manufacturing defects and 5-year warranty on heating elements.

Energy Savings

  • With the Convectair Allegro II 14, you can avoid heating rooms when not in use, saving money and energy.
  • Rather than heat a room quickly and intensely like a fan-forced heater, natural convection evenly heats large and small rooms from floor to ceiling.
  • A central heating system reacts to a lone thermostat and heats a home as a single block, whereas Convectair units allow each room to be custom heated, conserving energy and lowering electric costs.


Power: 2000 Watts
Heat Type: Natural Convection
Color: White 
Size: 14.12" H x 44.5" W x 4" D
Material: Steel construction with polyester/epoxy anti-rust powder coating and resistant to UV rays
Style: Wall mounted (fixed)
Weight: 26.5 lbs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Convectair
Type Natural Convection
Color White
Wattage 2000W